The Challenging Phase
My deterioration with my company, Swarshilp Properties Limited, started after the Earthquake on 26th Jan, 2001. At that time, Swarshilp was one of the companies who had maximum number of projects under construction; all of them were high-rise apartments. All of the buildings constructed by Swarshilp withstood the quake and were in sound condition, but people were literally scared to venture into or buy any high-rise apartment after the earthquake.

My overconfidence, mismanagement of finance, decisions and miscalculations during this period of 2001-2004, jeopardised Swarshilp Properties Ltd. and created a big financial mess. In spite of having no new investors on the horizon and absence of a structured and planned financial inflow, I made some commitments which I could not fulfil on time. This was later interpreted as a planned financial fraud.

My intentions were questioned and many legal actions were taken against me and my company. I was also detained for investigation for a period of 4 months in 2004.

After my financial and legal disaster, I changed my base to Dubai with a help of a friend.

Thereafter for about 2 years I was out of touch from all. By the end of 2006, after settling my family in Dubai, I started contacting people here to settle their dues.

In spite of negative and adverse conditions, i pursued with all the concerned people as well as banks for settling their dues. It was during this process that he started getting support from friends and people in the industry.

As on date, i have successfully settled all the dues of concerned people as well as banks up to their satisfaction.

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